6 Feb


We are excited to announce that, on the 4th March 2017, six men will stand in the throes of the iconic Eros in Piccadilly circus in Central London and have our heads shaved in a PR stunt to raise awareness and funds for SIX TIMES OPEN and the British Heart Foundation.

Dubbed ‘The Piccadilly Six’ the legends that stand with us are; Joshua James Sutcliffe, Patrick Cunliffe, Benjamin Wildman and Matthew Hadden each with their own unique story and connection to heart disease and the British Heart Foundation.

Having your head shaved is monumental for each of the team taking part and so we would love to see as many of you as possible join us in Piccadilly Circus on the 4th March at 1.00pm to support and share this one; 6 times the fun it’s defiantly not one to be missed.

We are still a way off our goal of 10K and the humiliation just increased by 6; so, get behind the team as we prepare for this by sharing the story with your friends!

A huge thank you to all our sponsors and service partners who will be making the day extra special, along with some very special guests. See you on the 4th March, 1pm. #sixtimesopen