SIX TIMES OPEN is a campaign to raise 100K in a year for the British Heart Foundation, run by fraternal twins, Jonathan and David Stretton-Downes.

SIX TIMES OPEN was born out of the reality that Jonathan will be undergoing his sixth heart surgery later this year and wanted to turn this experience into something positive. The 12-month campaign intimately follows Jonathan and David as they prepare mentally and physically for the roller-coaster of a sixth heart operation, through the surgery itself and along the harsh road to recovery.

The aim of the campaign is twofold; to raise brand awareness and vital funds for the work of the British Heart Foundation and to inspire others in similar situations that events such as this don’t have to define who you are or dictate your life!

The campaign launched in London in November 2016, and will run for a calendar year until November 2017, culminating in a final event to celebrate the outcomes of the year.

We aim to raise 100K for the British Heart Foundation through numerous events, activities and corporate partnerships. Events are already being planned to take place both nationally and internationally by talented and committed friends, corporate partners and key sponsors who are all passionate about this cause.

In following the twins, there will be a 60 minute documentary created, a book authored by Jonathan titled “How to survive heart surgery” along with regular updates of events and occurrences through a blog and vlog throughout the campaign.

Jonathan & David Stretton-Downes





Through campaign activities we want to raise awareness of the British Heart Foundations vital research and show that conditions and events like this don’t have to define your life!



Through SIX TIMES OPEN we aim to raise a huge 100K for the vital work of the british Heart Foundation into research of congenial heart disease.



Six heart surgeries don’t happen very often. This documentary follows the journey of the twins as they go through this 6th heart surgery in 2017. More info coming soon.



We aim to publish a book which will include facts, research and a personal insight into what it’s like to go through and recover from heart surgery, 6 times.

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