Six heart surgeries doesn’t happen very often. This documentary follows the journey of the twins from two very different lenses as they go through this 6th heart surgery together in 2017.

This is the story of the first day of the rest of your life, where the every day meets the extraordinary. We follow fraternal twins, Jonathan and David as they prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the roller-coaster of a sixth open heart surgery.

Jonathan and his family know, surgery doesn’t last forever and although still young, soon he will need another operation. The documentary shows the triumphs of modern medicine, key research developments, and is a celebration and success story of the amazing work of the dedicated teams and hospital staff that make heart surgery possible.

From a ring-side seat we walk with the twins into the world of open heart surgery and witness first-hand the preparation, the operation and the steps needed to fight yourself and get your life back.

The documentary will be produced by an award winning team from 3 countries.

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